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SuperDuo Czech Glass Beads

SuperDuo Czech Glass Beads

SuperDuo Czech Glass Beads

SuperDuo Czech Glass Beads

Innovative Design with SuperDuo Czech Glass Seed Beads

Experience the unique charm of SuperDuo glass beads at These innovative Czech glass seed beads, known for their distinctive oval shape and dual stringing holes, are ideal for intricate beadwork. Their tapered, petal-like edges excel in seed bead embroidery and weaving, effortlessly filling gaps and enabling floral patterns. SuperDuo beads are perfect for multi-strand designs, adding a delightful, colorful accent. Pair these versatile two-hole beads with our extensive range of Czech glass beads and seed beads to craft your beaded masterpieces.
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Rich And Beautiful Color

Great color. I love Superduo beads. The color of these beads is eye catching and very saturated. Beautiful!

Shelley S, Serious Artbeader

SuperDuo Seed Bead Bracelet

Designs with SuperDuos and other two-hole beads don't need to be complicated. This bracelet pattern is complete with one loop of thread.

Beautiful Color & Quality

These superduos are so pretty in person!! I am very happy with them & love how they look in my wrap bracelet.

Jodi C, Serious Artbeader