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Miyuki Long Magatama

Miyuki Long Magatama 20-25% OFF

Seed Bead Sale 20-25% OFF

Add a little bit of dimension to your seed bead projects with these long Magatama beads from Miyuki. Magatamas display a unique shape to make your designs stand out with drops of beauty. These Miyuki Magatamas feature an elongated teardrop shape with an angled cut for extra distinction. They will add eye-catching style to any bead pattern. With so many colors to choose from, it's easy to create something wonderful and new.

It's time to shop seed beads! You'll save 20-25% on select Seed Beads during this super sale. Seed beads are stash essentials, as you can use them in simple stringing projects, more intricate bead weaving projects, and everything in between. Make sure to stock up on your favorite seed beads (or try some new colors) before the sale ends the night of Monday, October 25th!