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Crystal Round Austrian Pearls (Style 5810)

Just like genuine freshwater or oyster cultured pearls have been popularly used throughout history to make stunning jewelry pieces due to their quality luster and shine - our 5810 PRESTIGE Crystal Pearl collection offers much of the same appeal without breaking your budget! These sparkling crystal faux pearl beads add more depth than ordinary imitation pearls found on cheaper versions from other brands. Choose from several color options including white and cream ivory hues – offering just enough pop against most components chosen for necklace & bracelet designs alike; it's no wonder why stylish artisans keep coming back for more of these delightful little treasures again & again! The stringing possibilities available through using this superior selection of simulated pearl rounds are virtually endless: combine them simply yet elegantly together in strands for traditional accents or mix 'n match alongside larger size gemstones—either way helps achieve an undeniably classy finished appearance worth every penny spent on such luxurious materials!