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Free 2022 Bead of the Month Calendar - Designer Downloads

Bead of the Month Calendar

We know you loved our calendars for 2021, so we're bringing you new calendars for 2022. We have both a year-at-a-glance calendar and a monthly calendar highlighting featured beads for every month. These printable calendars are great for planning ahead and they just might inspire you to make new jewelry based on the beads featured every month. The 2022 year-at-a-glance calendar is perfect for your beading or work space. Pin it up on your bulletin board and you can quickly look at upcoming dates and circle important ones. You can also use it to keep track of birthdays. Click here to download.

Bead of the Month Calendar

The monthly calendar for 2022 is a beautiful way to plan out your goals and projects in more detail. We'll be releasing each month a few days before the new month to get you inspired with a new featured bead type. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can keep coming back for inspiration! Print these pages out and keep them in your planner or add them to your beading desk to make sure you always stay on track with your jewelry-making projects. We will be highlighting a new project from our Design Studio each month to get you inspired to create. These designs are available in our Design Studio with FREE instructions and a supplies list. 


January - Ceramic Beads

Our monthly calendar for January 2022 features beautiful ceramic beads as the Bead of the Month! Ceramic, porcelain, and stoneware beads often feature hand-painted and exquisitely detailed designs and patterns. Vibrant colors make each piece stand out even more. These beads pair well with leather in boho looks, make a statement along with silk ribbon, and can even be used with lampwork beads. Get inspired with our Dark Blooms necklace tutorial and make sure to shop amazing ceramic bead brands like Damyanah Studio, Golem Design Studio, and Clay River Designs. Click the image above to download the January calendar or Click Here.


February 2022 puts the spotlight on Fire-Polished Beads! Faceted fire-polish beads from the Czech Republic are a staple bead item for every beader's bead box. These glass beads are made by hand to bring artisan style to every project. With their classic round shape and shining facets, you can use these versatile beads anywhere. Add them to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for a colorful display you'll love. These beads offer your looks the chance to shimmer with their re-fired polish that gives them light-reflecting qualities sure to stand out. Start using fire-polished beads in various sizes with our Fire-Polish Frenzy Bracelet tutorial, featured in the February calendar. Click the image above to download the February calendar or Click Here.


March Calendar

For the month of March, gemstone beads are the stars! Gemstone beads are the perfect way to add natural beauty to any of your designs. Our gemstones are fashioned into beads in a variety of shapes that will have you inspired to create again and again. No two gemstones will be exactly alike because each one has its own unique combination of pattern and color. Each beautiful bead is its own work of art that will look fantastic in your designs. For an extremely special jewelry design full of natural beauty, check out our selection of Dakota Stones gemstones featuring high-quality beads that are exceptionally consistent and full of striking colors and patterns. Get inspired with our Greensleeves necklace tutorial, featured in the March calendar, and make sure to download the calendar for March here


April Calendar

Mood beads take the spotlight for the month of April! With hints of rainbow color hidden inside, mood beads will bring a colorful and nostalgic feel to any jewelry design. What makes these beads special is that they are made with thermo-sensitive liquid crystal, meaning each changes color with fluctuating body temperature. Catch a glimpse of every color in the rainbow with your changing mood. You can find out what mood each color represents with our mood bead meaning chart. Get inspired with our Moody Wrap Bracelet Tutorial, featured in the April calendar, and make sure to download the calendar for April here


May 2022 Calendar

The month of May is all about crystal beads! Our sparkling crystal beads are a great option for jewelry designs. Choose from brands like PRESTIGE, Crystal Lane, and Preciosa Crystal. It's easy to create stunning jewelry and sparkling projects that shine and shimmer from every angle with these options. Get inspired with our Crystal Pizzazz Bracelet and Earrings Set, featured in the May calendar and make sure to download the calendar for May here


June Bead of the Month

June's featured Bead of the Month: Lampwork Beads! These beads are handmade by blowing and shaping molten glass over and through a torch, using tools and hand movements to form amazing and intricate designs. This glasswork technique is alive with mesmerizing colors and fascinating details. Gass beads produced in this fashion make excellent focal points in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They can even be incorporated into bead embroidery for an unforgettable display. Grace Lampwork makes incredible lampwork beads to add to your collection. Get inspired with our Lampwork Dreams Earrings Tutorial, featured in the June calendar and make sure to download the calendar for June here


Our featured bead of the month for July: Flower Beads! We offer a wide variety of gorgeous flower beads, from Raven's Journey Czech Glass options, unique floral bead caps, and so many more. Flowers are a popular and stylish motif for jewelry-making, so it's the perfect opportunity to start adding these beads to your projects. Get inspired with our Flowers Bloom Earrings Tutorial, featured in the July calendar and make sure to download the July calendar here


August is all about Two-Hole Beads! Check out our two-hole bead categories below: 

Two-hole beads are a great way to add dimension and texture to projects, especially bead weaving and embroidery. With so many options, the possibilities are endless! Get inspired with our Wind Chime Necklace Tutorial, featured in the August calendar, and make sure to download the August calendar here

September Bead of the Month Calendar

Our featured beads for September are hand-painted focal beads. These beads are painted by expert artists, who use tiny brushes to bring all of the beautiful details to life. Each work of art is signed by the artist who painted it, so you know your focal is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Showcase these keepsakes in your jewelry designs, use them as heirloom ornaments for your Christmas tree, and more. You'll love adding these incredible pieces to your collection. Get inspired with our Painted Peacock Necklace Tutorial, featured in the September Calendar, and make sure to download the September calendar here

October 2022

October brings pearls as the featured beads of the month! With their soft sheen and classic beauty, freshwater pearls and faux pearl beads add a sense of elegance to jewelry designs and are enduringly fashionable. They can be used in all kinds of styles, from traditional formal wear and wedding accessories, to casual office looks and everyday elegance. Freshwater pearls are a great way to add unique style to your designs and crystal pearls can give your jewelry-making projects the polish they need. Use silk cord to knot between them for a timeless look or pair them with metal components for a contemporary display. Get inspired with our Pearl Passion Bracelet Tutorial, featured in the October Calendar, and make sure to download the October Calendar here

November Calendar

For the month of November, we are showcasing spacer beads! Spacer and heishi beads are decorative beauties that can create texture and complexity in bead patterns. Typically used between larger, more colorful beads and focal pieces, these options are a great way to lengthen designs, draw more attention to your other beads, and break up color palettes. You can also use them on their own in unique ways. Get inspired with our Spacer Style Bracelet Tutorial, featured in the November calendar, and make sure to download the November calendar here

December Bead of the Month Calendar

December's featured Bead of the Month: Seed Beads! These beads are small beads that can be used in a variety of jewelry-making projects, from stringing and bead embroidery, to weaving and more. When selecting seed beads sizes, a greater number indicates a smaller size; for example, the 15/0 size is smaller than those that are 8/0. We offer seed beads in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and finishes. You'll also find inspiration for using them in your projects in our Guide to Seed Bead Stitches. Get inspired with our Nordic Christmas Bird Bracelet Tutorial, featured in the December calendar and make sure to download the December Calendar here

We hope you enjoy these printable downloads. If you want to show off how you’re using these calendars throughout the year, share with us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or our private Facebook Group for Serious Artbeaders. Remember to tag us @artbeads and use the hashtags #artbeads and #seriousartbeader. Have fun planning out your year of creativity!