DIY Face Mask Chains and Lanyards

DIY Face Mask Chains/Lanyards

Face masks have become part of our everyday lives and it's important to have them at the ready wherever you go. How many times have you walked up to a store only to turn around and exclaim "Oh! My Mask!" because you forgot it in your car? With mask chains and lanyards, you won't forget your mask in the car and it will be easy to put it on. The best part is that you can make your own face mask chains and lanyards with beading techniques! We're sharing inspiration for making your own mask chains. You'll find all of these examples in our Design Studio with free instruction and supplies lists. Plus, read to the end to see how you can recycle designs you already have into mask chains and how you can easily turn your face mask chains into eyeglass holders. 

Beaded Face Mask Chains

Beaded Face Mask Chains

Beaded face masks are so fun to make because you can use beads you already have or shop for new beads to match masks you may already have. To create any beaded face mask chains, you will need to start with beading jewelry wire, crimp tubes (we like 2x2mm crimp tubes), and lobster/trigger clasps. The lobster clasps are used to attach to the elastic of the face masks, so make sure they are large enough to fit over the elastic. Seed beads are a fun place to start for beaded face mask chains. They come in all kinds of beautiful colors, they layer nicely with each other and other beads, and you can easily incorporate them into any style. Check out our Stylish Face Mask Chains for fun mask chain projects featuring TOHO seed beads and some small Czech glass fire-polished beads. You can use just about any beads for making beaded face mask chains. Cynthia used Czech glass coin beads featuring a star theme and paired them with space-themed charms for her Galaxy Dreaming face mask chain

Pearl Beaded Mask Chain

Pearls are a trendy choice for your face mask chains. We have lots of beautiful pearls in all kinds of colors and sizes. We used Pearlescent White crystal pearls for our Magic Pearls Mask Chain. PS: If you like the sparkly mask featured in these photos, you can make your own version! Check out our Bling Mask tutorial

Chain Mask Lanyards

Chain mask lanyards are so easy to make! All you need is your favorite chain, lobster/trigger clasps, and jump rings to attach the clasps to the chain. Our Simple Gold Mask Chain is so simple yet sophisticated. Leave the chain long like we did so you can wrap the chain around your neck for a choker look made with your mask chain. If you want to dress up your chain, you can create beaded links to add between chain lengths, like we did in our Southwest Mask Chain. You can also add in links like our beaded Miyuki focal connector. Want a beaded look without making beaded links? We have Beadlinx chain that comes already beaded that would be perfect for mask chains. 

Other Techniques for Face Mask Chains

Other Face Mask Chain Techniques

There are so many ways you can make DIY face mask chains. If you have more cool beads you want to use, try bead knotting. We created a cool Knotted Turquoise Mask Chain with TOHO Amiet cord and beautiful Czech glass beads. Leather is also a great material for mask chains, especially for men's mask lanyards. We created a Blue Leather Mask Chain and added a little drop for extra personality. Keep your leather long to wrap around your neck to perfectly show off the drop. If you're into seed beading and bead weaving, you can use these techniques for making mask chains. We created a daisy chain for our Dainty Daisies Mask Chain, but you could also try tubular peyote ropes, tubular herringbone, and more. 

More Ideas for your Face Mask Chains

If you have necklaces you don't wear anymore, you can turn them into mask chains. If the clasp is attached with jump rings, just switch out the clasps for lobster/trigger clasps that will work with your face masks. Check out our Design Studio for necklace ideas that you can turn into mask chains. 

Design Studio Necklaces to Turn into Face Mask Chains

Our Havasu Falls necklace would make a great face mask chain, thanks to the vibrant Dakota Stones gemstone bicone beads. Try the simple crochet chain stitch technique for your next face mask chain and use our Tahitian Goddess necklace as your inspiration. 

If you're worried about not needing your face mask chains after the pandemic is over, never fear! You can easily wear your mask chains as necklaces or turn them to eyeglass holders. To wear them as necklaces, just hook the lobster clasps at the end together. To turn them into eyeglass holders, attach the lobster clasps to our special eyeglass holder findings. Now you can use them to hold your eyeglasses and sunglasses. 

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