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Citrus Green - The PRESTIGE Crystal Color of Summer!

Citrus Green

PRESTIGE Crystal's Citrus Green is a lively color that's just perfect for summer! With it's lemon lime sparkle, this color is sure to freshen up any jewelry project you may be working on. The fresh style also works well for spring designs that can easily transition right into summer looks. Let these jewelry tutorials inspire you to use this wonderful crystal color in your next designs. 

Citrus Spring

Our Citrus Spring Necklace can be worn from spring into summer. The Citrus Green crystals pair perfectly with Raven's Journey Czech glass Wild Rose beads, a Gardanne Beads enameled pendant in a shade that works perfectly with the Citrus Green Sparkle, and vibrant pink silk ribbon

Splash of Citrus

For pure summer vibes, try making the Splash of Citrus sunglasses holder. This beachy pieces combines Citrus Green with turquoise crystal pearl colors, sweet rose peach, and some clear crystal sparkle in the tassels. You can wear this piece with sunglasses or just wrap it around your neck for a fun accessory any time. 

Dragonfly Drops Earrings

Citrus Green pendants are the star of these Dragonfly Drop Earrings. When paired with TierraCast dragonfly wing beads, they tell the story of summer dragonflies flitting from flower to flower. Iridescent Light Turquoise crystal pearls add a hint of ocean blue beauty. 

Spring Luna Necklace

This Spring Luna necklace is another piece that easily transitions from spring into summer thanks to the fresh combination of turquoise colors and our favorite Citrus Green. Beaded links are connected to bring these eye-catching colors all together, with the TierraCast luna moth pendant shining in the center.

Citrus Lotus Blossom Earrings 

Check out our other blog post for PRESTIGE Crystal Spring/Summer Inspiration Jewelry Projects for even more jewelry-making inspiration using Citrus Green. The Citrus Lotus Blossom earrings above combine the lively color with daring Jet AB2x crystals. You'll also find even more jewelry inspiration for using Citrus Green crystals in necklaces, bracelets, and more earring designs! 

If you are loving Citrus Green crystal colors, make sure to check out even more crystal colors from PRESTIGE Crystal! There are plenty of beautiful hues to choose from.