Cellini Spiral Stitch Basics

Cellini spiral stitch is a variation of basic tubular peyote and it's the size and order of the seed beads added that creates the spiral effect. The stitch looks intricate and complex, but it's actually really easy to achieve! We're sharing all of the video tutorials and PDF diagrams we have to help you start the basic stitch, reverse the stitch to create points in your designs, and to add in thread when you run out. Then, you'll see jewelry inspiration from our Design Studio to get you started using this stitch in your projects. All you need to get started is seed beads in various sizes and colors, beading thread, and beading needles.

Learn the basics: 

We have two great video tutorials to get you started with the basics of Cellini spiral stitch. Cynthia's tutorial even shows how to stitch up the ends of a Cellini bangle. 

We also have a handy PDF diagram for the basics of this stitch that you'll want to print out and keep in your beading space whenever you need a refresher on this technique.

Learn how to reverse the stitch: 

Reversing the spiral in this stitch allows you to create points in your designs. You can showcase a focal at these points or reverse the stitch at multiple points to make a fun chevron look. Check out our video to learn this technique: 

We also have a PDF Diagram for reversing the stitch that you can once again print out and keep on hand. 

Adding in threads: 

You may find yourself running out of thread when doing this and other tubular stitches. It's easy enough to add in more thread, so watch this video to find out how: 


If you need more help with adding in and finishing threads while bead weaving, check out this tutorial.

Jewelry Inspiration:

Now that you've learned all there is to know about Cellini Spiral, check out these beautiful jewelry ideas, complete with free instructions and supplies lists. 

Canyon Rapids Bracelet

Canyon Rapids Bracelet

Spiraling Splendor Bracelets

Spiraling Splendor Bracelets

Resplendent Roots Necklace

Resplendent Roots Necklace