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Spiraling Splendor

Cellini Spiral Bangles
designed by Cynthia Kimura
Skill LevelAdvanced (or at least patient)
Time4-6 hours
Approximate Size7-8 Inches

The Cellini Stitch is one of my favorite techniques. The pattern is repetitive, so after a few rows it goes pretty smoothly.

  • Spiraling Splendor
  • Spiraling Splendor
  • Spiraling Splendor
  • Spiraling Splendor
  • Spiraling Splendor
  • Spiraling Splendor


Code: ABT-20150604-03

The Cellini spiral stitch creates a dazzling effect in these bracelets. Seed beads of different colors and sizes create a spiraling effect that can't be beat The colors are perfectly matched thanks to the use of Artbeads Designer Seed Bead Blends. Follow the instructions below to learn how to make Cellini spiral bracelets of your own.

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