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Russian Spiral Stitch Bracelets featuring Blue and Orange Fire-Polished Beads
designed by Cheri Carlson
Skill LevelIntermediate
Time4-6 hours
Approximate Size7 1/2 Inches

The Russian spiral is a beautiful stitch that's fun to play with. I couldn't stop with just one color palette – I had to make two!

  • Positano


Code: ABT-20180920-08

It's fun to try the Russian spiral stitch in different color ways to see what kind of looks you can come up with. Cheri tried the stitch in both blue and orange colors to show how different the stitch looks when you switch up the colors. You can also switch up your bead shapes to create even more variation within the stitch. Learn how to do the Russian spiral stitch and see more design inspiration in this Artbeads Cafe episode.

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