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Daybreak Frost

Swarovski Crystal Embroidered Necklace with Silk Ribbon
designed by Cynthia Kimura
Skill LevelAdvanced (or at least patient)
TechniqueBead Embroidery
Time4-6 hours
Approximate Size27 Inches

Bead embroidery is one of my favorite beading styles. For this design, I used a large Swarovski crystal for plenty of sparkle and accented it with filigree flowers and seed beads.

  • Daybreak Frost
  • Daybreak Frost
  • Daybreak Frost
  • Daybreak Frost
  • Daybreak Frost
  • Daybreak Frost
  • Daybreak Frost
  • Daybreak Frost


Code: ABT-20120823-01

Like the mist slowly rising from the water on a crisp winter morning, this quiet necklace takes its time revealing the beauty it holds. The mystic blue pendant draws in the eyes while the smoky silver additions surround it with calming whispers.

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Nymo D Bobbin Sand Ash
4x4mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tube
Code SS-CRM12
Chain Nose Pliers
Code TOOL-106