Quick Tips for Jewelry Making

Tips for Jewelry Making

Here are some quick tips for jewelry making if you're new or if you just need some refreshers! You can also check out our Getting Started page for plenty of advice and tutorials from our expert designers. Don't forget to browse our Design Studio: We have thousands of free jewelry tutorials to get you started or keep you going on your jewelry-making journey. 
1. Start Simple! Starting simple is a great way to get inspired to make even more jewelry and branch out with different techniques. Memory wire and stretch bracelet designs often require no extra tools - just beads and stringing material!
2. Learn the basics. Once you get started, you'll want to know how to use crimp tubes with jewelry wire, how to make loops on head pins and eye pins, and how to properly use jump rings. We've got tutorials and inspiration for these techniques and more!
3. Make pieces you love and would wear. Nothing feels better than wearing a stylish piece of jewelry you made yourself!
4. It's okay to start over! If you are finding that you don't really like the bead pattern you're creating, take the beads of your string or wire and try a different one! You might come up with something extra special just by starting over.
5. Create with friends. It can be inspiring to see what others are making and what ideas they have. Plus, you all can help each other!
6. Practice, practice, practice. Your first wrapped loops, simple loops, and crimps will not be your best. The more you make them, the better they will get! Pretty soon, you'll be able to do these techniques in your sleep.
7. Don't be afraid to try new techniques! Don't limit yourself to one kind of jewelry style or technique. If you see something you like, go ahead and try it. 
8. Last but certainly not least, Have fun! Perhaps the most important thing is to enjoy what you're doing.