How to Create Byzantine Chain

Make a Rope-Like Type of Chainmail
designed by Artbeads
Skill LevelIntermediate
TechniqueChain & Jump Rings
Time6+ hours

  • How to Create Byzantine Chain


Byzantine chain is a rope-like type of chainmail that will help you create beautiful designs. For Byzantine chain, you can use jump rings in the following sizes: 14 gauge - 7.94mm (5/16 inch) or 16 gauge - 6.35mm (1/4 inch) or 18 gauge - 4.76mm (3/16 inch) or 20 gauge - 3.17mm (1/8 inch). These combinations have the best ratio of inside diameter to wire gauge for the Byzantine chain. This inside opening/gauge ratio is referred to as Aspect Ratio (AR). The best AR for the Byzantine chain is a range from 3.2 to 4.2. It is important to maintain this ratio, or the chain will either be too loose with the pattern spread out or so tight that the chain won't be flexible or worse: it might not be possible to link the jump rings together. One trick to help with this is to use one jump ring as the connector instead of two to make the weave looser. Or, you can triple the connector rings to tighten up the weave.

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