Block Party

Loomed TOHO Aiko Seed Bead Bracelet featuring Colorful Squares
designed by Cheri Carlson
Skill LevelIntermediate
Time4-6 hours
Approximate Size6 1/2 Inches

Not only does this design look cool, it feels good to wear. TOHO Aiko seed beads feel so soft and sleek in loomed jewelry.

  • Block Party


Code: ABT-20180820-03

TOHO Aiko seed beads are precision cylinder beads that line up almost perfectly in your stitched and loomed designs. You can really see how precise they are in this loomed bracelet featuring a pattern full of colorful squares. All of the beads line up beautifully in each square and you'll love the color choices Not only do TOHO Aiko seed beads look amazing in your jewelry, but they create a silken feeling within projects, too.

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