TierraCast's Renewal Collection

TierraCast Renewal Collection

TierraCast's latest collection for 2021 is called Renewal and it focuses on those fresh signs of spring that inspire us to reach for a new start. Gorgeous luna moth pendants, flourishing succulent charms and earring posts, honey bee buttons and matching honeycomb links, and lush monstera leaf buttons all make this an unforgettable collection! Explore the collection here and make sure to read on to see jewelry inspiration from our designers and TierraCast. 

Tucson in a Box - The Live Unboxing of the Collection

Typically at the start of a new year, it's time for the Tucson Gem Show. But, this year is a little different due to the pandemic. So, TierraCast sent us "Tucson in a Box" - all of the new items from the Renewal collection plus snacks and more to capture the excitement Tucson usually brings. To really dive into this collection, make sure to check out our live unboxing of all of the components in the collection with Tracy from TierraCast. You'll even see Tracy demonstrate how to make a necklace with the honeycomb links from the collection. She also shows off other jewelry inspirations made with these beautiful pieces. 

Jewelry Inspiration from Our Designers

Cynthia and Becky both made beautiful jewelry with these new pieces, which you can find with free instructions and supplies lists in our Design Studio. Take a look at the jewelry below to start getting inspired. 

Bees A'Buzzing Earrings

Bees A'Buzzing Earrings, featuring new TierraCast Honeycomb links in gold and silver. 

Fresh Start Necklace

Fresh Start Necklace, featuring the TierraCast Luna Moth pendant.

Sweet Honey Ring

Sweet Honey ring, featuring a honeycomb link with a bee bead wire-wrapped to the front.

Flight of the Luna Moth Earrings

Flight of the Luna Moth earrings, featuring the Luna Moth pendant and glow in the dark seed beads. 

Desert Living Earrings

Desert Living Earrings, featuring TierraCast succulent charms and earring posts.

More Jewelry Inspiration from TierraCast

TierraCast has also created beautiful jewelry with this refreshing collection. You'll find instructions for a bracelet and earrings below, along with even more inspirational images of beautiful jewelry from their design team. 

Bee Bracelet

TierraCast Bee Bracelet

Bees represent community, productivity and sweetness. This bracelet is simple and sweet to make and wear!

TIP: Secure all knots with a small amount of adhesive (try super glue) after final tightening.



  1. Cut two 10" pieces of cord.
  2. Attach one jump ring to one side of Honeycomb link. Close jump ring.
  3. Pick up one piece of cord. Thread end through jump ring placed in Step 2. Fold loose end of cord over and wrap around to form an overhand knot, aiming tail away from loop and jump ring. (Fig 1) Tighten knot securely.
  4. Thread other end of cord through button shank. Tie knot as in Step 3, allowing approx. 1/2" loop. Don't trim yet.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-3 on other side of link.
  6. Repeat knotting at end of cord on second side, creating a button loop to fit Bee button. (Fig 2)
  7. Adjust cord and knots for desired bracelet size, then add adhesive to all knots and trim excess cord.
  8. String one flower bead onto one head pin. Bend wire over at top of bead and use round nose pliers to form simple loop, trimming excess wire.
  9. Open loop and attach where desired on Honeycomb link.
  10. Open one jump ring and attach to bee charm. Before closing attach where desired on Honeycomb link. Close jump ring.

Succulent Tassel Earrings

TierraCast Succulent Tassel Earrings

TierraCast Jardin Crimp Ends pair perfectly with the sweet Succulent Earrings Posts for this earring idea. Palette possibilities abound!

Tips: Use chain or flat nose pliers to flatten the top of the coil before tucking into cord end. When crimping cord end try squeezing from the loop side.

Supplies needed


  1. Cut one 24" piece of cord. 
  2. Wrap cord around fingers five times, creating a coil about 2" long. 
  3. Use tweezers to grasp the strands at the top of the coil. Straighten strands so they are neatly aligned, then use pliers to flatten.
  4. Pick up one cord end and use tweezers to tuck the top of the strands inside securely.
  5. Use flat nose or parallel pliers to crimp cord end until secure.
  6. Use scissors to cut loops at the bottom of the coil, creating a tassel.
  7. String one seed bead onto one strand of the tassel. Tie an overhand knot at the bottom. Do not tighten yet.
  8. Repeat Step 7 on the remaining 9 strands.
  9. Adjust position of seed beads and knots as desired before tightening knots securely. (Optional: apply a tiny drop of adhesive to each knot for extra security.)
  10. Trim cord ends as desired. 
  11. Open one jump ring and attach to loop at top of cord end. Before closing attach loop of one earring post. Close jump ring.
  12. Repeat Steps 1-11 for second earring.

Other TierraCast Jewelry Inspirations

TierraCast Renewal Collection Jewelry Inspirations

More TierraCast Renewal Collection Jewelry Inspirations