Summer Ice Cream DIY Jewelry

Ice Cream Jewelry

With summer on the way, we've been inspired by the thought of ice cream (who isn’t?), so we just had to make some ice cream jewelry for the occasion. You can make all kinds of ice cream looks with the help of bead caps and cones and crystal pearls and Czech glass beads, like fire-polished beads, smooth rounds, and rondelles. Keep reading to see how to make these cute DIY pieces for your next summer ice cream social!

Cherry on Top Necklace

Cherry On Top Necklace

This necklace gets a modern twist with the Nunn Design wire frame around the ice cream dangle. Simply slide the cone, the pearl, and the red crystal (the cherry on top!) onto a head pin. Add the dangle to a piece of wire and slide the ends through the loops at the top of the wire frame. Make simple loops at each end of the wire. Attach a chain long enough to slip over your head onto the loops using a jump ring for each end. Find complete instructions and a supplies list for this look here.

Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Earrings

Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Earrings

The rich colors of Czech glass are what make these earrings look so delicious! To make these earrings, slide the cone, two Czech glass beads, and a small crystal pearl onto a head pin. Make a simple loop at the top of the beads. Attach the earwire to the loop and repeat for the other earring. Find complete instructions and a supplies list for this look here.

Two-Scoop Special

Two-Scoop Special Necklace

Cynthia’s favorite combination of ice cream is chocolate and vanilla. She stacked a crystal pearl in a white color with a chocolate brown Czech glass bead and used a Nunn Design bead cap as the cup to hold it all. Again, there’s that yummy cherry on top! To make this look, just slide the bead cap, the pearl, the Czech glass bead, and the small crystal onto a head pin and make a simple loop. Attach it to a finished necklace with a jump ring. Find complete instructions and a supplies list for this look here.

These looks are adorable and super easy to make. Why not try coming up with new flavors/colors to showcase in your style? You could even use a bead cap like this Nunn Design daisy bead cap at the top of your ice cream scoop for more flair.