Two-Part Epoxy

Two-part epoxy glue consists of one part resin and one part hardener. The two combine and react to create a strong bond.

One has a one-hour dry time, the other sets within five minutes. Both glues come in a syringe pack that squeezes out two even lines at the same time.

We recommend placing a small amount on an index card and then mixing just a bit with a toothpick as needed. The glue is not activated until it is mixed, and will not start drying until activated.

The five minute and one-hour titles refer to drying times. While the five-minute may be more inviting, we only recommend this for small, simple projects, or more advanced designers. The biggest concern with a fast dry time is that if you need to move something you may not be able to. The one-hour is fairly versatile and most designers find it adequate for their projects. Remember, all epoxies have extremely strong fumes. Always use in a well ventilated area.

Instructions for Two-Part Epoxy use:

For the best results, use with a rough surface. Application temperature should be 60℉ (15℃) or above. This product is not recommended for use above 200℉ or (93℃).

    1. Hold dispenser with nozzle end up. Pull plunger back slightly (1/8") to allow air to rise to the top.
    2. Cut nozzle tips with scissors or knife.
    3. Push down on plunger to dispense equal amounts of resin and hardener onto a clean or disposable surface. Pull plunger back to stop flow. *We suggest dispensing on a separate area first if you're unable to get equal ratios of product.
    4. MIX THOROUGHLY. You'll know when the resin and hardener is mixed enough when the consistency turns a milky color.
    5. Apply to both surfaces to be bonded. Hold together with a clamp, tape, or weights.

5 Minute two-part epoxy: Will set in 5 minutes, usable strength in one hour, and full strength bond in 12-24 hours.

1 Hour two-part epoxy: Sets in one hour, full strength bond in 12-24 hours.

Please note, warmer temperatures will shorten the set time and cooler temperatures will lengthen it.