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Toggle or Toggle Clasp

The toggle clasp has two components: a bar and a loop, with the bar being longer than the loop's diameter. The bar is slid through the loop (like threading a needle) and rests on the plane of the loop, thus preventing this clasp from coming apart when a pulling pressure is applied.

Toggle clasps are usually more artistic choices for finishing jewelry designs and can even be used as focal points in jewelry. Use one at the front of a design and dangle charms and beads from the loop component.

Typical Toggle Clasp

Toggle clasps are great because they can be clasped using only one hand. This makes them ideal for bracelets, including watch bracelets. To make them easier to clasp, be sure that the last few beads near the clasp are fairly small so the bar can be pulled through the loop. If the bracelet is too loose, a short toggle bar may wiggle itself out of its loop, so you may want to use a larger toggle.

If a bracelet is made too loose for the wearer, it is inevitable that the clasp will work its way free. Many sad customers have lost a favorite bracelet to this fate. To ensure the safety of your bracelet, and still use your favorite toggle clasps, simply make the bracelet no more than a half inch bigger than your wrist.