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Thread Too Short

My thread or stringing material is too short, what do I do now?

Thread Too Short When Bead Weaving

You will finish the thread off by weaving it into the body of the project until it is secure. This will lock the thread in place. Plan to tie off the thread before it gets too short. It is easier to tie the thread off if you have several inches to work with. Approximately 6 to 8 inches is a good amount. If you do this in the middle of a row it will be easier to hide the threads. For a detailed explanation for finishing and adding thread, see our Bead Weaving Tips. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Plan to end the thread in the middle of a row rather than at an edge. This will make it easier to hide.
  2. Weave the thread through beads or between beads toward the body of the project. Aim for an area away from the edge and within a few rows of where you left off.
  3. Circle the thread through the beads. Switching up the direction of the thread helps to lock the thread in place. The exact placement and direction really doesn't matter. The key is to keep the threads hidden as you proceed.
  4. Circle again in the same place or move over a few beads first. This will ensure the thread is well secured.
  5. You will add a new thread in the same manner, by weaving the thread into the body of the project and then weaving it to the bead where you left off.
  6. Weave the tail through a few beads and then trim.