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Thread Length for Seed Beading

How long of a thread do I start with when stitching with seed beads? Starting with the entire amount of thread needed for a project is not necessary. Regardless of the size of the project or the number of beads that are used, you should work with a manageable length of thread on the needle. A manageable length would be around one to two yards. If you use any more than that, you run the risk of the thread twisting, tangling, and knotting. This can be frustrating and ultimately lead to the thread becoming a tangled mess or even breaking. Besides being difficult to manage, if the thread is too long, friction from weaving through the beads over and over will wear the thread out. It will become frayed by the time you get to the end or your project, making it less durable. The average project could use many yards of thread which would be impossible to work with. So plan on adding more thread as needed.

Thread Length for Bead Weaving