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Poppy Sunrise

Swarovski Earrings featuring Crystal Rouge and Mulberry Pink Pearls and Teardrop Beads
designed by Becky Dahl
Skill LevelBeginner
TechniqueSwarovski Rhinestones
TechniqueCrystal Rhinestones
Time1-3 Hours
Approximate Size2 1/2 Inches

When I saw the shape of the Teardrop beads, I knew they would be perfect for earrings.

  • Poppy Sunrise
  • Poppy Sunrise
  • Poppy Sunrise
  • Poppy Sunrise


Code: ABT-20200908-04

Swarovski's Teardrop beads are perfect for dangling earrings. This Shimmer color looks lovely with Crystal Rouge and Mulberry Pink pearls, with just a hint of orange from the Crystal Copper bicones. Shop all Swarovski Innovations for Fall/Winter 2021-22 here.

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