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    Dakota Stones Crazy Lace Agate 10mm Faceted Round Bead
Reg. $18.79

Dakota Stones Crazy Lace Agate 10mm Faceted Round Bead

CODE: R1617
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Reg. $18.79
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Measurements & Specs

CODE: R1617 Hole Size: 1.2mm Strand Length: Approx 15" Sold: by the Strand Materials: Agate Stone Type: Agate Stone Type: Crazy Lace Agate


Create an earthy beauty in your jewelry with these Dakota Stones crazy lace agate beads. Available by the strand, these gemstone beads display a round shape and facets cut into the surface to give each bead extra shine. They are bold in size, so you can add them to long necklace strands, flashy earrings, or chunky bracelet styles. These crazy lace agate beads feature bands of chalcedony in golden brown, pink, red, and gray colors in swirling circular patterns. Metaphysical Properties: Known as The Laughter Stone, crazy lace agate is said to promote optimism and happiness.

Because gemstones are natural materials, appearances may vary from bead to bead. Each strand includes approximately 40 beads.

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