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French Wire Sizing

French wire can be used to professionally finish knotted freshwater pearl and bead projects. It is intended to protect stringing thread from wear, friction, and breakage around crimps or clasps. It adds a timeless finishing touch to pearl jewelry. It can also be used as a design element in craft projects or over jewelry wire if you don't like the look of wire.

See the table below for sizing information.


Item  Size (mm)  Item
 Size (mm) 
 FW-GF  0.5 to .7  FW-SF   0.7
 FW-GH  .7 to 1.1  FW-SH  .7 to 1.1
 FW-GM  .65 to .9  FW-SM  .65 to .9
 FW-GXH  .7 to 1.8  FW-SXH  .7 to 1.8