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Little Drops of Sunshine

Swarovski Hoop Earrings featuring Light Topaz and Sunshine DeLite Fancy Stones and Bicone Dangles
designed by Swarovski
Skill LevelBeginner
TechniqueTwo-Part Epoxy Adhesive
Time1-3 hours
Approximate Size4 Inches

These earrings are sure to brighten up your style!

  • Little Drops of Sunshine


Code: ABT-20190502-06

Energetic and joyful, Light Topaz expresses the sun's brightness, warmth, and light. In these earrings, these crystals really do look like Little Drops of Sunshine. Learn how to make these earrings and then make sure to visit our Swarovski Psychology of Colors page to see more Light Topaz beads and inspiration and discover how this hue can complement the person you are. For printable PDF instructions for this project, click here.

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Swarovski Crystal Two-Part Epoxy Glue
Code 9030-CGL50
Round Nose Pliers
Code TOOL-108
Chain Nose Pliers
Code TOOL-106