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How do I use a color wheel?

A color wheel includes an arrangement of colors that can help you coordinate the color palette in your designs. Three ways to use it are to find complementary colors, analogous colors, and triad colors.

If you pair together colors directly across from each other on the wheel, you are using complementary colors. These colors are opposites. You'll notice that they contrast each other, but also go well together.

Choose another color and look at the colors on either side of it. These colors are its analogous colors. They create a more subtle harmonious color palette when used together.

Another way to use the wheel is to find triad colors. These colors are located on the wheel at the points of an equilateral triangle. The colors will be bold, but they'll also balance each other.

Use the Swarovski color wheel to find color combinations you might want to use in your design. You can do this by rotating the upper disc to reveal contrasting colors, harmonious colors, and pearl colors to coincide with your main Swarovski color.

Image of the Swarovski color wheel