Your Guide to TOHO Seed Beads

TOHO is the maker of high-quality Japanese seed beads, known for their color and size consistency. These seed beads have become staples for many seed beaders because there is a wonderful variety of shapes and styles to choose from. Each TOHO seed bead can bring something different to your jewelry designs. We’re taking a look at the different kinds of seed beads TOHO offers. 

Round Seed Beads

Citrus Twist Bracelet

TOHO’s round seed beads are a traditional choice for your jewelry designs, as they are used for all kinds of projects thanks to the classic shape. Many beaders use them for seed beading and stringing alike. They are available in a variety of sizes (as with all TOHO seed beads), from large 3/0 to tiny 15/0 seed beads. Remember that with seed beads, when a size number is smaller, the bead will be bigger. Katie used 11/0 TOHO round seed beads in summery colors for her Citrus Twist crochet rope bracelet.

Takumi Round Seed Beads

Takumi Seed Beads

Takumi seed beads are much like traditional round seed beads, but have stringing holes that are 15% larger than traditional TOHO round beads. With such a large stringing hole, you can make more passes through the bead and you also have the advantage of being able to use thicker stringing materials. Because of their hole size, these seed beads are ideal for intricate bead weaving projects.

Demi Round Seed Beads

High Plains Necklace

Demi Round seed beads feature a thinner shape with the same hole size and diameter as traditional round TOHO seed beads. They work wonderfully in popular stitches, with exciting and innovative results. They allow for amazing color depth and detail thanks to their shape. You can even use them as spacers in stringing projects. Cynthia stacked them together while stringing for a fun, textured look in her High Plains necklace.

TOHO Treasure Beads

Golden Nectar Necklace

If you love Miyuki Delica cylinder seed beads, then you’ll also love TOHO Treasure beads. These high-quality cylinder beads feature thin walls and large holes. They allow for many passes of thread, so are an excellent choice for intricate bead work. Use them in loom projects, peyote and brick stitch, and stringing projects. Cynthia used them in brick stitch for her Golden Nectar necklace. These beads are very consistent in size and shape, much like the Miyuki Delica seed beads. We’ve even used Treasures and Delicas together for a wider variety of color options!

TOHO Aiko Precision-Cut Cylinders

TOHO Aiko Seed Beads

Looking for the perfect cylinder bead? The TOHO Aiko seed beads are simply amazing! These precision-cut cylinder seed beads are step above TOHO Treasures. They are produced by state-of-the-art machinery, so they are extremely consistent in size and shape. You won’t have to worry about culling any beads, which will save you time while working. These high-quality seed beads will provide a smooth, silken finish to any beaded piece created with them (Learn more about them in our previous blog post here). You can see how precise they are in the loomed pattern Cheri created for her Block Party bracelet. The squares in the pattern are so perfect! Try TOHO Aiko cylinder seed beads for yourself with one our Aiko ring kits, like Cynthia’s Desert Oasis set.

Bugle Beads

TOHO Bugle Beads

Bugle beads feature a unique tubular shape and are available in smooth and twisted styles. These beads make great spacers and are also excellent for stringing and weaving. You can even dangle them in fringe earrings or custom tassels. Cynthia used smooth bugles in a free form brick stitch pattern for her Frosted Lane bracelet. Twisted bugles create the structural foundation for our magical Fairy Lantern earrings.

Triangle Seed Beads

Couture Earrings

TOHO Triangle seed beads feature a small stature and geometric shape. Each triangle-cut bead features an ample stringing hole and three smooth, flat sides that reflect light beautifully. They add texture instantly to any look. You can certainly see the texture and dimension they bring to our fringe Couture earrings.

Magatama Beads

TOHO Magatama Beads

Magatama literally means “curved bead” in Japanese, and that’s exactly what these beads look like. They feature a rounded teardrop shape that will result in beautifully staggered patterns for your beaded jewelry designs. They are ideal for fringe, bead embroidery, stringing projects, and more.

Cube Beads

Helen of Troy Bracelet

Cube seed beads also bring a geometric effect to jewelry designs. Available in a variety of sizes, each little seed bead is precision-cut into a cube shape. Use them as spacer beads, in bead weaving, or to embellish fabric. They line up wonderfully in brick stitch, as shown in Cynthia’s Helen of Troy bracelet.

Hex Beads

El Dorado Bracelet

TOHO Hex beads feature six perfectly formed sides that will add a pop of texture and shine to any project. These hexagon-cut beads are perfect for bead weaving, looming, and embroidery. With a large hole size, they are the smart choice for intricate designs that require several needle passes. They make for shimmering details in our El Dorado bracelet.