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Summer Jewelry Color Palettes

Straw Hat Color Palette

We know when we feel the sun on our skin and the heat waves hit, it gets us inspired to make beautiful summer jewelry for the season. What better way to spend a day in the sun than making your next project? When you start making your pieces, keep these color palettes in mind for jewelry that stands out in summer. Feel free to print your favorites out and add them to a mood board. 

Coral Reef Color Palette

We can’t start off summer style inspiration without a mention of Pantone’s amazing Color: Living Coral. Cynthia made these cute Coral Reef earrings with coral touches that speak to summer’s vivacious feel. The dangling tassels are perfect for a dance party or a day at the beach. The colors in this palette include those lovely coral tones, along with warm and sunny yellows to balance it all out. Cynthia especially loves paying tribute to the beautiful hues of Living Coral in her jewelry because she comes from a tropical island called New Caledonia, which is protected by a coral barrier reef.

Dancing Sprites Earrings Color Palette

You’ll be adding some magic to your summer jewelry with this color palette. It features the beautiful tones found in our Dancing Sprites earrings. The laser-etched dagger beads in the design provide an iridescent gleam that inspire all kinds of summer colors. These colors are the perfect combination to put in your jewelry, especially if you plan on relaxing by the pond as buzzing dragonflies hover close.

Calico Mountains Necklace Color Palette

If we’re talking about summer colors, we have to add a splash of pool blue! This color palette, inspired by Cynthia’s Calico Mountains necklace, brings the perfect blend of refreshing aqua blue and sandy browns. You’ll find all of these colors in the handmade Damyanah Studio bead at the center of the design. The unique design on the bead will put you in mind of ocean waves softly falling onto the sandy shore.

Pineapple Sparkle Earrings Color Palette

One of our favorite parts about summer is all of the fresh fruit. This color palette is inspired by our Pineapple Sparkle earrings, which feature the juicy yellow colors of the fruit they are named after. When you pair the glittering yellow Swarovski beads with lush green tones, you have a palette that’s purely tropical.

Rainbow Chakras Color Palette

If you want to use all the colors of the rainbow this season, we say go for it! Our rainbow color palette takes its inspiration from all of the cute TierraCast charms on this Rainbow Chakra bracelet. We suggest pairing these bright hues with white to make them really stand out.

We hope these color palettes have you inspired to make some fabulous summer looks.