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PRESTIGE Crystal Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

You can use PRESTIGE Crystal Beads and our snowflake forms to make dazzling ornaments for your Christmas displays! Hang them on your tree, showcase them in a window display, or add them to extra-special packages as a lovely topper. Here are a few inspirational ideas to make your next holiday craft a sparkling triumph!

Green Holiday Ornament

This lovely ornament features PRESTIGE Crystal Margarita Beads in graduated sizes to add a Christmas tree look to each end of the snowflake. You can use green Margarita Beads as shown here, or go for Crystal or Crystal AB to create a dazzling icy look. 

Crystal Holiday Ornament

Speaking of dazzling and icy, this ornament keeps it classic. Just as real snow glistens and gleams, this PRESTIGE Crystal ornament will twinkle with frosty beauty. Choose a variety of beads in Crystal or Crystal AB to create a look like this one. 

PRESTIGE Crystal Holiday Ornament

Of course, red and green PRESTIGE Crystal colors are a classic choice for holiday ornaments. We suggest the new Majestic Green color or Emerald and the Eden Green Crystal Pearl. To go along with these classic shades of green, try Scarlet, Siam, or the Iridescent Rouge Crystal Pearl. A pop of White Alabaster would be beautiful, too!

Once you have your PRESTIGE Crystals and snowflake forms picked out, it's easy to create these beautiful ornaments. Just add your beads to each snowflake end as you desire. Seed beads make for excellent filler if you find you need a little something extra in your patterns. To finish the ends, make a small bend or loop in the wire with chain nose pliers, or finish with Finial half-drilled beads and glue them in place with epoxy adhesive. When making loops, make sure to give one end a loop large enough to add a ribbon or hook. 

When you're ready to display your snowflakes, simply add a ribbon of your choice or add it to an ornament hook. You can make an ornament hook like the one pictured above with our Spectacular Ornament Hangers Tutorial.

Spectacular Ornament Hangers