Meet the Designer - Deb Floros of Deb Luvs Jewelry Designs

Deb Floros

We here at are excited to introduce Deb Floros as a guest designer! Over the next months, you'll see jewelry designs, videos and more from Deb to inspire your next jewelry creations. We asked Deb some questions so you can get to know her!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
I am a married, “mother” of 3 fur-children (Cats - Madison, Chloe and Jinx) and l’m happily a desert dweller, living in Cave Creek, Arizona. I have been designing and making jewelry for just shy of 15 years and it is my true passion. I have been collecting jewelry since I was a kid and continue to collect it to this day. I have been published in many of the Jewelry Making magazines (most are gone now) and I have taught in-person, and at virtual jewelry-making events. I consider myself a true jewelry fanatic! 
Deb Luvs Jewelry Designs Necklace
How did you get started making jewelry? 
When I lived in Connecticut, I stumbled upon the quintessential New England Bead Shop. The Shop Owner taught me the basics at an “Open Beading” night and I have been obsessed ever since! 
Deb Luvs Jewelry Designs Bracelet
What are your favorite beading supplies to work with? 
At the risk of sounding like a cop-out, I love ALL the supplies! I just love putting things together and seeing how they interact! Although, I do have a special place in my heart for taking apart previously loved jewelry and making the pieces and parts into something new! 
What about your favorite tool? 
Believe it or not, my favorite tool is an Awl! I use it for so many things, including bead counting, design placement, chain measuring, photography adjustments, unstopping glue and paint bottles, and so many other things! 
What keeps your creativity flowing?
I am very inspired by beads and jewelry supplies themselves. I see a strand of beads, a pendant, or a cool finding, and I can envision what I might do with it almost immediately. If it moves me, it becomes something! 
Since I moved back to Arizona almost 6 years ago, I have found an incredible surge of creativity that comes from the sights, sounds, smells, flora, and fauna of the Southwest. It feeds my soul and inspires me endlessly. 
Deb Luvs Jewelry Designs Earrings
Do you have any advice for those just getting started making jewelry? 
Don’t get frustrated! It’s supposed to be fun and relaxing! There are so many techniques, tools, projects and styles to choose from. Keep trying and you will find something you are good at! There are endless resources out there! Watch, learn, try and try again! 
Finally, can you share some fun facts about yourself?
1) Last April (2022) I retired from my Corporate Insurance Career after 37 Years! 
2) I love to drive fast! I’ve driven an actual race car on an official race track (once) 
3) I volunteer at a horse rescue and enjoy working with horses very much! 
We're so excited to have Deb as a guest designer! Make sure to check out her first design, her Carrot Cake Bracelet.
Carrot Cake Bracelet
You can also find Deb and her jewelry designs on her Etsy Shop, Deb Luvs Jewelry Designs, as well as on her Facebook page, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.