Lavender Love – Get Inspired by One of Our Favorite Colors

Lavender Inspiration

Lavender is a fragrant and beautiful plant displaying blooms in the most beautifully soft yet vibrant purple color. A rare color in nature, lavender purple is an inspiring hue we can’t get enough of. It is often associated with femininity, royalty, and serenity. Artbeads Chief Jewelry Designer Cynthia Kimura’s French heritage draws her to the beauty of this color again and again. She took the picture above the last time she visited Provence. Today we’re sharing inspiration for using this gorgeous hue in your jewelry designs.

Lovely Jewelry Inspiration

Crown Jewel

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the wafting smell of blooming lavender florets swaying in the warm breeze permeates summertime. We have our pick of lavender festivals all over the region, allowing for even more inspiration. It’s no wonder our designers love using this soft color in their jewelry designs. Cynthia made this bracelet with beautiful lavender gemstone beads and a majestic faceted focal in a deeper purple shade.

Lilac Pond

Our designers love designing with soothing lavender colors. Discover a beautiful showcase for a PRESTIGE Crystal fancy stone in this peyote stitch ring design. The crystal is a pool of pure lavender beauty that will draw attention to your style.

Color Inspiration

Butterflies in Heather Color Palette

This color palette inspired by our Butterflies in the Heather bracelet shows how effortless it is to use the delicate purple tone in your jewelry designs. It looks great with deeper purple colors and we love mixing it with sandy neutrals for a little contrast, too. Pair it with greens, to echo the long green stems on lavender spikes.

Lilac Shine Color Party

This Color Party created by Cynthia shows some more inspiration for using lavender in your jewelry style. Antique brass, like the filigree focal here, matches perfectly and once again, darker purple tones look great with the softer shade. We love the magical pop of iridescent colors from the Crystal Paradise Shine Rivoli.

Lavender Items at

Lavender at

We offer lots of wonderful items in amazing lavender hues. We love mixing this color into our Artbeads Designer Seed Bead Blends. Our Briar Rose Blend above features a touch of the sweet color. PRESTIGE Crystal offers a Provence Lavender crystal color that will immediately transport you to the lavender fields in France. If you love gemstones, Dakota Stones offers lavender amethyst beads. Of course, you can shop even more lavender items here.

We hope these beads and jewelry inspirations have you inspired to start adding some sweet purple hues to your creations. If you need more inspiration, check out our Luscious Lavender Pinterest Board