How Many Beads? Beads per Gram and Beads per Inch

When buying beads and making jewelry with beads, there is one important question you'll need to figure out: How many beads do I need? We're giving you the information of how many beads are used per inch, which comes in handy when designing jewelry and how many beads are in a gram, which comes in handy when purchasing beads.

Beads per Inch

To do the calculations yourself you'll need three numbers to figure this out: the length of the strand, the size of the beads, and the metric conversion. The metric conversion is 25.4mm to one inch. So to figure out how many beads, first multiply the length of the strand by 25.4. Then divide that number by the size of the beads, and you have the approximate number of beads.

Length of Strand × 25.4 (Millimeters Per Inch) ÷ Bead Size

For example:
If you have an 8 inch strand with 6mm beads your calculation would be: 8 inches (the length of the strand) x 25.4 (millimeters per inch) = 203.2 ÷ 6mm (the bead size) = 33.86 beads per strand.

This means that there are approximately (33) 6mm beads per 8 inch strand.

This formula is also helpful when you would like to know how many beads you need to make a bracelet or necklace. Say you would like to make an 18 inch necklace using only 8mm beads, you would calculate like this: 

18 x 25.4 = 457.20 → 457.20 ÷ 8mm = 57.15 

To be on the safe side we recommend (58) 8mm beads for the 18 inch necklace just to make sure you have enough to complete the project.

Beads per Gram

The quantity of seed beads in a gram depends on the size and shape of seed bead you are interested in. Use our tables to find out how many seed beads there are per gram. Please note that these tables tells you the approximate amount of seed beads per gram according to seed bead size and shape. Actual amounts may vary based on a bead's color, finish, or coating.

  TOHO Code    Avg Count   TOHO Code    Avg Count 
 TBRD3 (3/0 Round)  5-6  TBCB4 (4mm Cube)   9
 TBRD6 (6/0 Round)  17  TBTR8 (8/0 Triangle)  30
 TBRD8 (8/0 Round)  43  TBTR11 (11/0 Triangle)  72
 TBRD11 (11/0 Round)  106  TBMT3 (3mm Magatama)  31
 TBRD15 (15/0 Round)  287  TBMT4 (4mm Magatama)  14
 TBCB1 (1.5mm Cube)  95  TBMT5 (5mm Magatama)  8
 TBCB3 (3mm Cube)  21  TTR11 (11/0 Takumi Round)  126
TTB11 (11/0 Treasure)  200  AIKO (11/0 Aiko)  155
TBDMR6 (6/0 Demi Round) 18 TBDMR8 (8/0 Demi Round)  79
TBDMR11 (11/0 Demi Round) 179    
Miyuki Codes     Avg Count Miyuki Codes   Avg Count  
 LMA (Long Magatama)  8-9  SB18 (1.8mm Square Cut)  87
 DBL (8/0 Delica)  30  DBSH (15/0 Hex Cut)  404
 DB (11/0 Delica)  193  TL (Tila Beads)  11
 DBS (15/0 Delica)  362  BB (Berry Beads)  11
 BPB (6/0 Baroque Pearl)  11     DP (Drop Fringe)  18
 HTL (Half Tila)  25    
  Miyuki Rounds Avg Count     Miyuki Rounds   Avg Count  
 MR6 (6/0 Round)  10  MR11 (11/0 Round)  109 
 MR8 (8/0 Round)  38  MR15 (15/0 Round)  250 


Matubo Codes   Avg Count
ABMST-10 (10/0 Cylinder)  80