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Anti-Tarnish Treatments

You might wonder how effective anti-tarnish treatments are. They're a way to try and stop tarnishing of silver by providing a thin film over the silver to shelter it from air, water, and other elements that may cause tarnishing. There is never a 100% guarantee on anti-tarnish treatments. Some treated chains never tarnish, and some happen to tarnish fairly quickly. Chemicals from your skin, lotion, perfume, and cosmetics can affect the silver. Salt air will also eat away at anti-tarnish treatments. The list of ways silver can get tarnished goes on, but anti-tarnish treated products help to prolong the life of sterling silver. If your silver begins to tarnish, you can follow the standard cleaning techniques to bring back its luster. To see our anti-tarnish items and other products that are tarnish-resistant, click here.