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Swarovski "Spring" DIY Projects

Enjoy these free DIY projects from Swarovski with fun spring-themed designs you can make using their sparkling crystals. You'll find helpful supplies lists for each project and a PDF with instructions, as well.

Cutie Spring Rings


Express your inner playfulness with these super-easy, adorable rings made using our spring-themed Cutie Cutes charms, and create a little finger magic!

Instructions: Download PDF

Swarovski Crystals:

Swarovski 15mm Cutie Cutes Bubbly Bunny White Charm
Swarovski 16.5mm Cutie Cutes Carly Carrot Charm
Swarovski 9mm Cutie Cutes Bella Butterfly Pink Charm

Other Supplies:

1 Ring with Loop (Shop our selection of ready-to-wear rings)
4mm Jump Rings
3mm Jump Rings
Chain or Flat Nose Pliers

Sparkling Spring Eggs


Instructions: Download PDF

Swarovski Crystals:
10 Swarovski Hotfix Flatbacks SS10 Crystal Lavender DeLite LacquerPRO
Swarovski Hotfix Flatbacks SS16 Crystal Lavender DeLite LacquerPRO
Swarovski Hotfix Flatback SS34 Crystal Lavender DeLite LacquerPRO
1 Swarovski Hotfix Flatback SS34 Dark Red (try Scarlet)
Swarovski Hotfix Flatbacks SS16 Topaz Shimmer
34 Swarovski Flatbacks SS16 Crystal Shimmer
Swarovski Flatbacks SS16 Burgundy DeLite LacquerPRO
2 Swarovski Flatbacks SS10 Crystal Shimmer (try Crystal AB)
11 Swarovski Flatbacks SS6 Crystal Shimmer (try Crystal AB)
6 2365 Swarovski Flatbacks 6x3.7mm Crystal 2 Swarovski Flatbacks SS20 Citrine Shimmer
5 Swarovski Flatbacks SS16 Citrine Shimmer (try Citrine)
15 Swarovski Flatbacks SS10 Citrine Shimmer (try SS12)
50 Swarovski Flatbacks SS6 Citrine Shimmer (try SS7 Citrine)
Swarovski 4mm Faceted Round Beads White Opal Shimmer
17 Swarovski 4mm Bicones Rose Water Opal Shimmer
Swarovski 4mm Bicone Cyclamen Opal Shimmer
Swarovski 4mm Bicones Iris
20 Swarovski 4mm Bicones White Opal Shimmer
11 Swarovski 4mm Crystal Pearls Iridescent Dreamy Rose
Swarovski 6mm Crystal Pearls Iridescent Dreamy Rose
Swarovski 10mm Crystal Pearls Iridescent Dreamy Rose

Other Supplies:
3 White Plastic Eggs (9 x 6cm)
Various Fabric Pieces in Rose/Yellow/Green tones
1 Green Plastic Butterfly (8x5 x 7cm)
3 Acrylic Paints in Pastel Green/Pink/Yellow
3m each of Yellow, Pink, and Red Sewing Thread
Sewing Needle

Daisy Chain Blouse

Daisy Chain Blouse

Elevate a classic shirt with an embroidered border of dainty daisies sparkling with shimmering crystals. It's a boho look that will add wow to everything from black pants to denim jeans.

Instructions: Download PDF

Swarovski Crystals:
117 Swarovski 3mm Faceted Rounds in White Opal
74 Swarovski 4mm Faceted Rounds in White Opal Shimmer
31 Swarovksi 4mm Faceted Rounds in Yellow Opal Shimmer
35 Swarovski 3mm Bicones in Light Topaz Shimmer (try Yellow Opal Shimmer)
26 Swarovski 4mm Bicones in Yellow Opal Shimmer 2x
28 Swarovski 4mm Bicones in Pacific Opal Shimmer
335 Swarovski 2mm Crystal Pearls in White

Other Supplies:
4m each of Size 25 Yellow, Light Green, and Dark Green embroidery thread
6m of Size 25 White embroidery thread