Meet the Designer – Wyatt White from Beadalon

Wyatt White from Beadalon

It’s always fun to meet new jewelry designers and we meet plenty here at Wyatt White from Beadalon recently stopped by to inspire us with his inventions, jewelry designs, and more. Wyatt is the Product Manager and Education Director at Beadalon. He has over 34 years of experience in the jewelry industry. He’s even invented amazing jewelry-making tools, like the award-winning 3D Bracelet Jig. The Beadalon 3D bracelet jig can help you create amazing wire-wrapped bracelets, like our Belisama bracelet.

3D Bracelet Jig

While he was visiting, we asked Wyatt a few questions about jewelry-making, to give you a glimpse at how this jewelry designer makes so many incredible things. Read his answers to our questions below:

What keeps your creativity flowing?

Red wine in a really nice glass.

What’s your favorite type of jewelry to make?

Wire-wrapped jewelry.

What are your favorite jewelry-making tips?

Buy the most expensive cutter you can. You won’t be sorry! Look to new technology to be efficient and to help you get better at creating.

What are your essential jewelry-making tools?

Multipliers, flush cutters, Banding Pliers, ring mandrel, Craft Optics, and the Bead Reamer. I use that thing like a crazy man.

What is the question makers ask you the most?

I’m not sure about a question, but people always say to me, “You make it look so easy!”

Where is your favorite place to bead?

On the beach in Hawaii. I once was reaming lapis beads on the beach there and so many people came up to me to find out what I was doing!

Biggest struggle when making jewelry?

Seeing, now that I’m older. Craft Optics are essential.

You travel a lot for your line of work. Any tips for traveling with beads?

Use tissue or cotton balls in your containers to keep beads and jewelry from bumping into each other.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Drinking wine!

One piece of advice for beginners?

Keep it simple in the beginning.

Favorite Color?


We loved having Wyatt visit us and learning more about him. Make sure to check out our Facebook Live video, where Cynthia and Wyatt talk a little more about travel tips.