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  • Dakota Stones Red Creek Jasper 8mm Puff Coin Bead Strand

Dakota Stones Red Creek Jasper 8mm Puff Coin Bead Strand

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Measurements & Specs

8 x 5mm
Hole Size:
Strand Length:
Approx 8"
by the Strand


Create a rich look with these Dakota Stones beads. The puff coin shape is wonderfully versatile. You can use these beads as an accent to lend extra color or dimension to a statement piece or you can use them as substitutes for rounds in simple strung and knotted designs. They also work as focal elements in a structured piece of bead weaving. These beads combine softly muted shades of mustard yellow, olive green and burnt red in patterns reminiscent of a picturesque sunset. Often the material of these beads is strengthened through stabilization. Red Creek Jasper is also known as Cherry Creek Jasper, multi-Picasso Jasper or red Picasso Jasper. Metaphysical Properties: Red Creek Jasper is believed by some to bring balance and relaxation. Like all Jaspers, it is a stone of protection and grounding.

Because gemstones are natural materials, appearances may vary from piece to piece. Each strand includes approximately 25 beads.

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